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Sweat Controlis a Beautiful Thing...

Introducing Brella®, the first-and-only FDA-cleared SweatControl Patch to significantly reduce excessive underarm sweating and significantly improve quality of life for adults with primary axillary hyperhidrosis.

Brella is:

  • Quick and comfortable
  • Easy to integrate into your practice
  • An in-office treatment without any expensive capital equipment
  • Well tolerated and versatile for all skin types with results lasting three to four months and longer in some.*1

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Safe. Effective. Simple.

Consisting of a sodium sheet with an adhesive backing, Brella is a single-use, in-office, disposable SweatControl Patch applied to a patient’s underarm for up to three minutes. Its mechanism of action utilizes Candesant’s patented targeted alkali thermolysis (TAT) technology to significantly reduce sweat production.2 To learn more about how Brella works, click here.

The FDA-cleared Brella SweatControl Patch is proven to be safe and effective to reduce excessive underarm sweat in adults with primary axillary hyperhidrosis.1,3

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A Unique Approach to
Sweat Control

Brella SweatControl Patch significantly reduces frustration and embarrassment, and improves confidence and other sweat-related behaviors such as reducing the frequency to shower, change a shirt, or avoid social situations due to sweating.4

Brella is:

  • Non-invasive, needle-free, aluminum-free in-office treatment1
  • Safe, well tolerated, and versatile to use on all skin types1
  • Quick, comfortable, and does not require anesthesia, numbing cream, or downtime1
  • Easy for practices and patients with lasting results1

Sweating is normal. Excessive sweating is bothersome and frustrating.

How Excessive Underarm Sweating
Affects Your Patients

15.3 million – 5% of people in the United States – report having excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis.5 One in three U.S. adults (85.2 million) are bothered by their excessive underarm sweating.6,7 Yet 58% of adults with hyperhidrosis do not speak with a healthcare provider about their problem, choosing to manage it in silence, and 82% are undiagnosed.5 For those who do seek treatment, satisfaction remains low.8,9,10 There is a significant unmet and underserved need among current aesthetic patients, with 58% bothered by excessive sweat and 80% interested in new treatment options.9,10

Communication with your patients is key in assessing their quality-of-life concerns and providing a safe, effective, and affordable solution.

My sweat used to bother me, especially when exercising.

Anne C.


“Guide to Discussing Brella with Your Patients”
Downloadable PDF

Your patients might not be aware that the Brella SweatControl Patch can significantly reduce their excessive underarm sweating while increasing their confidence and improving their professional and social life.

Sometimes it’s difficult to engage in a conversation about excessive underarm sweating. This guide aims to help direct your discussion.


Brella® Testimonials

Brella is awesome! I highly recommend you try…so happy I did!

Brella works for up to 3 to 4 months and sometimes longer1,3 in all skin types…Bravo Brella!

My sweat used to bother me. I had Brella…one visit…few minutes…amazing results!

Brella works. It’s fast and easy. We look forward to treating many more patients who can benefit.

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*Individual results may vary



For complete prescribing information, see device instructions for use.


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