Are you Sweat Aware?

Does your underarm sweat worry, frustrate, or annoy you on a consistent basis? You’re not alone. One out of three U.S. adults (85.2 million) say they are bothered by their excessive underarm sweating.1,2

Brella is the first-and-only FDA-cleared 3-Minute SweatControl Patch for the significant reduction of excessive underarm sweating in patients with primary axillary hyperhidrosis.3 Take this quiz to see if Brella may be right for you:

  • 1) My underarm sweat bothers me:

    Check all that apply to you

  • 2) The worry of underarm sweat causes me to:

    Check all that apply to you

  • 3) My underarm sweat makes me feel:

    Check all that apply to you

  • 4) Is anyone else in your family bothered by excessive underarm sweat?

Brella works for up to 3 to 4 months and sometimes longer in all skin types…Bravo Brella!

Dee Anna Glaser, MD | Glaser Dermatology & Aesthetics



International Hyperhidrosis Society. IHHS sweat survey reveals many are suffering in silence. Sweat Solutions. September-October 2008: 1-4.


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For complete prescribing information, see device instructions for use.


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