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Excessive Sweating...

...negatively impacts social and work life, physical and leisure activities, and emotional and mental well-being.1

Scroll down to learn more about excessive sweating and how it can affect your confidence and daily living...

Brella is awesome! I highly recommend you try…so happy I did!

Barbara S.


report sweating excessively is very embarrassing2


report experiencing anxiety due to excessive sweating2


of excessive sweaters make lifestyle changes just to get through the day2

Many excessive sweaters shower more than once a day3


choose clothing to hide sweat3


avoid raising their arms3

Brella-treated patients experienced a significant physical and emotional improvement in quality of life1

Sweating can be annoying, bothersome, frustrating, or an inconvenience. Brella’s pivotal SAHARA clinical study measured how seven Sweat Stressors negatively impact daily life.

After just one treatment, Brella patients experienced statistically significant physical and emotional improvements across the seven stressors, including:1

1Interacting more

2Less likely to be kept from doing an activity

3Taking fewer showers

4Changing shirts less frequently in a day

5Feeling more confident

6Significantly reducing frustration

7Significantly reducing embarrassment

Brella works. It’s fast and easy. We look forward to treating many more patients who can benefit.

Michael Kaminer, MD | SkinCare Physicians



Jacob C, Green L. Quality of Life Improvement shown during SAHARA Clinical Study on the TAT Patch for Excessive Axillary Sweating or Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis. Presentation abstract for Cosmetic Boot Camp (CBC) conference, June 22-25, 2023, Aspen, Colorado.


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Data on file, Candesant Biomedical 2022.


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